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Mel Smith
2003, United Kingdom, 97 minutes
US Premiere

Roxie Cinema

2/7, 7PM Buy
2/12, 930P Buy

“A bags-of-fun British comedy with a lot of balls!” Saturday Sport 4 stars

British comedy fans rejoice! Mel Smith’s (“Alas Smith & Jones,”Morons From Outer Space, Bean) crowd-pleasing (and critic proof) UK hit Blackball has crossed the Atlantic. Hilarity will ensue.

In the wide world of spectator sports, there are a few all-time greats; football, basketball, baseball, Texas Hold’em, Olympic women’s beach volleyball and the new sensation… Lawn Bowling.

In Torquay, a seaside resort that dubs itself the ‘English Riviera’, the game of geriatrics is taken very seriously. The stuffy reigning champion Ray Speight (James Cromwell) has been the hometown hero for over 20 years… but now his title is threatened by roguish Cliff Starkey.

Armed with a sexy bad-boy persona, a flashy American agent (Vince Vaughn) and an army of screaming female fans, Starkey is transformed into the new international sex symbol. Lawn Bowling quickly becomes the biggest sport in England – and potentially the World! Adding insult to injury, Cliff’s biggest fan is his new girlfriend Kerry... Ray’s daughter. What a cheeky monkey!

Why is sex better than lawn bowling? The balls are lighter and there are probably more spectators.

- Bruce Fletcher

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