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After the Apocalypse

Yasuaki Nakajima
2004, USA, 72 minutes

Women's Building

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“After four years of cleaning high-rise windows in Tokyo, I quit my job in 1994 and went to Australia to hitchhike around the continent with a backpack and tent for six months. I spoke no English, knew nobody, belonged nowhere and felt like a ghost in the desert--a person who just appeared out of nowhere with no past. But I realized I needed to survive wherever I was. I needed to find food, a place to sleep, have sex and make friends. I struggled because I couldn't speak the language, but I learned it is possible to connect with people in other ways--through their eyes and their body language. That's what inspired me to make this film. After the Apocalypse is about universal communication and needs. It is a futuristic drama that shows how people discover one another beyond words.” - Yasuaki Nakajima

Produced, written, directed, edited and co-starring the multi-talented Yasuaki Nakajima, After the Apocalypse is a truly outstanding debut film that has traveled the globe since its premiere at the SXSW film festival.

Recalling Luc Besson’s film debut (the silent, black and white La Dernier Combat), Nakajima’s work is a futuristic fable about four men and a woman trying to survive after a devastating urban catastrophe that has rendered them mute, homeless, lonely and hungry. The tense situation comes to a boil when they realize the last woman on earth is trapped in an abusive relationship (and she might be pregnant).

- Bruce Fletcher

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