Gabe Bartalos
2004, USA, 97 minutes
US Premiere
Delegates in attendance

Saturday, 3.20, 11:00pm
Tuesday, 3.23, 4:15pm

"Ahhh, the cherished enamel, the porcelain, it is like a society. Every molecule an individual - like me, but when unified, a structure takes shape, like this circular vessel for distributing organic nourishment, or like us. We, like this plate, gain strength in numbers, thrive in a herd environment, feed off one another for a stronger front, and aggressively grow in numbers, until one day...!" - Plates
"What the fuck is wrong with you?" - Peter

Imagine an alternate reality where David Lynch directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and went insane during the shoot. That's close to the perverse, warped aesthetic on display here. Surrealistic special effects master Gabe Bartalos wrote, produced and directed the wildly imaginative, twisted, gory, and often hilarious Skinned Deep. If this outlandish masterpiece doesn't have a cult following after our first screening, I'll start one myself.

Tina's family is brutally slaughtered, but Plates, the Surgeon General, and Mom decide to keep her captive so Brain (the sensitive member of the family) can finally have a girlfriend. 'The Ancient Ones' motorcycle gang prepare for the final showdown at the cactus farm, while the Creator waits.

Presented as a work-in-progress at the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, the US premiere of Skinned Deep is guaranteed to blow your mind. Bartalos' credits include Leprechaun, Cremaster 3, Brain Damage, Frankenhooker and I Pass For Human. Starring Warwick Davis (Willow, Leprechaun and the Harry Potter films) as Plates. Famous Monsters of Filmland fans will appreciate the heart-bursting cameo by Forry Ackerman.

- Bruce Fletcher