Please join us after the screening of The Treasures of Long Gone John at OnSix Gallery, 66 Sixth Street (inside Club 6) for our Opening Night Party co-produced with Juxtapoz Magazine. The party goes to 2am and will feature bands, djs, and a great presentation of art with artists in attendance. Bring your ticket stub for free entry!

Roxie Film Center
3117 16th at Valencia - Map

Women’s Building Auditorium
3543 18th at Valencia - Map

Beethoven's Hair
The Chances of the World Changing
Class Act
Cracked Not Broken
Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs
Deeper Than Y
Diameter of a Bomb
The Future of Pinball
The Great Happiness Space:
Tale of an Osaka Love Thief

Letters From The Other Side
Mind Over Matter / The Best Part of Everything
Muskrat Lovely
Pizza! The Movie
Punk Like Me
Reality Show
As Smart As They Are: The Author Project
Snapshots: Shorts Snatched
from America's Past

The Treasures of Long Gone John
Unauthorized and Proud of it:
Todd Loren's Rock'N'Roll Comics

Urban Artists


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