Urban Artists

Ilko Davidov
77 min

Women's Building Sun, May 21, 5p Buy

Four short films portray six modern artists of our urban landscape. Some have continued their craft for decades to become a city fixture, like the quirky NYC sandal maker known as Barbara Leather, or, like the two Chinese artists in Yellow Ox Mountain, they’ve come to NYC to transform their Cultural Revolution history into striking modern commentary.

Other younger artists are creating totally new art forms out of formerly mundane modern objects. 22-year-old Muslim Asid makes bleak East London into something inspiring: He performs the addictively watcheable art of Parcour on stairs, roofs, and even public toilets in Asid: Portrait of a Freerunner. And even roadkill is given new beauty in Still, Life in which two artists document the persistence of spirit by tenderly photographing dead animals they find along the highway.

Beethoven's Hair
The Chances of the World Changing
Class Act
Cracked Not Broken
Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs
Deeper Than Y
Diameter of a Bomb
The Future of Pinball
The Great Happiness Space:
Tale of an Osaka Love Thief

Letters From The Other Side
Mind Over Matter / The Best Part of Everything
Muskrat Lovely
Pizza! The Movie
Punk Like Me
Reality Show
As Smart As They Are: The Author Project
Snapshots: Shorts Snatched
from America's Past

The Treasures of Long Gone John
Unauthorized and Proud of it:
Todd Loren's Rock'N'Roll Comics

Urban Artists


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