Pizza! The Movie

Michael Dorian
2005, 90 min

Women's Building Sat, May 13, 5p Buy
Little Roxie Wed, May 17, 9p

The U.S. Pizza Team? Acrobatic dough tossing? The World Pizza Championship in Italy? Drama, controversy, and hilarity abound as uniquely talented and passionate pizza makers battle it out as they attempt to go for the gold against their international counterparts. While these uniquely talented pizza acrobats battle through a scandal-and controversy-ridden preliminary dough-tossing competition in New York City, the vast and colorful world of the pizza industry is explored. Segments on regional pizza styles throughout the country, pizza trade shows, delivery drivers, and the history of pizza are woven throughout the compelling story which culminates at the industry’s annual ‘Super Bowl,’ the World Pizza Championship.

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