Mind Over Matter / The Best Part of Everything

More than just the average: Two films about two middle-class families.

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Mind Over Matter

Scott Gerow
2005, 40 min

Scott Gerow knew his family wasn't perfect when he picked up the camera to document his father's struggle with morbid obesity. While filming, Scott discovered he had brain cancer. The poignant documentary Mind Over Matter, called one of the best shorts at Sundance this year, chronicles a father and son who face their own mortality and find out what it means to be a family.


The Best Part of Everything

Jes Therkelsen
2005, 38 min

Who knew picture-perfect was still possible? The Best Part of Everything depicts a Hallmark-worthy family facing its hopes, dreams, ambitions, and regrets as the parents prepare for an empty nest. But are the 20-something children prepared for modern life and love out in the real world?

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