Class Act

Sara Sackner
2006, 90 min
West Coast Premiere

Roxie Cinema Fri, May 12, 5p Buy
Little Roxie Monday May 15, 7p

Do you remember your favorite teacher? 20 years after the filmmakers graduated from Miami Beach High, they went back to find their favorite teacher—the unforgettable Jay W. Jensen. Class Act is about a drama teacher who, with a salary of just $2,000 in 1959, secretly saved millions. He then did an extraordinary thing: he gave it all to arts educatio, and continues to delight generations of students. Class Act is also about the crisis in arts education today and the positive impact of nonprofit arts and music programs across the country. Featuring interviews with some of Jay’s devoted former students, including actor Andy Garcia, film director Brett Ratner, songwriter Desmond Child, casting director Debra Zane, and more.

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