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A Whale of a Tale

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Peter Lynch
2004, Canada, 90 min.

Peter Lynch (CYBERMAN, 2002 DocFest) sets out to unravel the origin of a whale bone found at a construction site under the streets of Toronto-a thousand kilometers from the ocean. Part investigation and part mythmaking, A WHALE OF A TALE is a rumination on mankind's confl icted history with the whale. Human civilization has hunted and killed them, yet we have always invested the whale with a mythological symbolism. The bone seems tailor-made for the absurdist, idiosyncratic eye of Lynch-his evocative story encompasses an eclectic range of references from P.T. Barnum to Jacques Cousteau. He discovers a new myth far beyond his investigation of the bone as he constructs an ambitious epic narrative from the cloud of doubt surrounding the relic-a rhapsodic meditation on extinction and existence.