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Madeleine Farley
2003, England, 83 min.

It's a sad, absurd spectacle in almost any city in the country: the rumpled homeless with hands outstretched, surrounded, and ignored, by posh shoppers blithely bouncing from Gap to Banana Republic to Urban Outfi tters. But perhaps nowhere is the contrast quite as stark as in Los Angeles. This dazzling documentary embraces an outcast group in the heart of the Hollywood dream factory: the homeless hordes who carry all of their worldly possessions in shopping carts (they call them trolleys in England). Utilizing amusing characters and great camerawork, the film embraces these singular fringe-dwellers with heart and soul. And throughout Trollywood, the shopping cart is held up as a totem. The trolley is luggage, home, safeguard and identity; a symbol of freedom, of independence, whether as bed, as car, or wall.