Festival trailer designed and directed by Mark Atkins (NIGHT ORCHID, IndieFest 2000) and produced by Jeff Ross. Much thanks to Nanos Operetta, Monacco Labs, Zeitgeist, Studio Z, Tessa Swigart, Jennifer Ren Terry and Audra Wolfmann.

Founder/Director Jeff Ross
Director of Programming Bruce Fletcher
Associate Directors of Programming Tod Booth, Molli Amara Simon
Festival Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator Alicia Perre-Dowd
Publicist Karen Larsen and Associates
Publicity Assistant John Lee
Box Office Manager Catherine Fougere
Graphic Design Michael Tino, Sean Kelly
Web Design Michael Tino,
the Official IndieFest Watering Hole The 500 Club
at 500 Guerrero, our favorite Mission dive.

and many special thanks to…

Delcinea Gonzalez and all at the SF Bay Guardian, Isabelle Matter at Hotel Bijou, Phoenix Hotel, The Roxie, Christy Colcord and all at Lost Weekend Video, Rainbow Grocery, Ellen Sinaiko at La Mediteranean, Studio Z, Eddie Wong and NAATA, Bob Meyer, Perry Glorioso and Steve Indig at Landmark Theaters, the friendly folks at the Postal Center on Divisadero, Harlow Newton at SF Station, Mark Peranson, Vancouver International Film Festival, Rachel Rosen, Doug Jones, IFP Los Angeles Film Festival, John Lee, Linda Johnson, Nigel French, Jason Sanders, Bob Jansen at NPA, Gerelee, Henry S. Rosenthal, Doug Wolens, Babalou, Sara Kraft, Ed Purver, Greg Cowley, Sandra Desmond, Miki Paul, Anita Monga at the Castro, Antonia Blue at Kitchen Sink, Debbie Does Dinner, Gun and Doll Show, Justin Flores, Joan Gibson, Joel Bachar, Laughing Squid, Brian Perkis, Steve Harrison and Tony Nguyen at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Tracy Rosenberg at Media Alliance, Monica McLemore, Mark Atkins, Ceili, Jon Gartenburg, Jon Soo at Tai Seng, Cathy Gernack, Zach & Drew, Kana Koido, Steve Mackler, Peter Kindlon, Michiko Komatsu, Vanessa Hughes, Megan Schlaack, Alex Cox, Mike Runagall, Isabelle Langerome, Trina Ross and our smashing, vivacious and indispensable volunteers.