PSYCHOBILLY: A Cancer on Rock & Roll
Mike Decay
USA/UK, 2003,97 min

If rock and roll is mass marketed, watered down and skewered by money minded music corporations, then psychobilly has been able to elude their greedy clutches by flying far beneath their radar. This is a movie documenting the creeping sickness of the psychobilly disease in its plight for world conquest and re-evaluation of the wild and primitive music.

Psychobilly: A Cancer on Rock & Roll crosses barriers of time and space to examine why and how such a culture as this could exist for more than 20 years and be able to remain self sufficient in a world run by mega stores.

Founding members of the Meteors - Paul Fenech and Nigel Lewis - talk about growing up as teddy boys and responding to the exploding punk scene of the time. This film chronicles the rise of the psychobilly culture throughout the UK, Europe and America focusing on the different cultures that got swept up into the fold along the way, including bands and fans on either side of the Berlin Wall and beyond. With psychobilly starting to become popular here on the West Coast thanks to bands like Tiger Army, its time to look back and check out the genre’s roots. This film is not just a look at psychobilly but a look into a subculture that has managed to skirt the fringes of society for over 20 years and ignore mainstream success. Raindance Film Festival
in attendance Mike Decay

In attendance: Director/writer Lance Bauscher, Producer/editor Robert Dofflemyer, Producer/editor Cody McClintock