Robert Parigi
2003, USA, 91 minutes

“An unnerving character-driven horror film with pointed metaphorical commentary on how technology has contributed to the depersonalization of even our most private lives.” —Philadelphia Film Festival

Uhhhh… sure, okay. That’s certainly one way to describe Robert Parigi’s Love Object. But we have no desire to beat you with the art stick—this is the Valentine’s Day midnight movie. I prefer to describe Love Object as a unique love triangle with a sick and twisted soul.

Kenneth is an anal-retentive dweeb who works as a technical writer in a faceless cubicle. Lisa is the cute new girl in his office who is assigned to help him complete a difficult, time-sensitive project. However, Kenneth’s life (such as it is) completely unravels when he starts obsessing about his new assistant. He even dresses his girlfriend Nikki in clothes that remind him of his co-worker. Understandably, Nikki soon becomes insanely jealous of Lisa, triggering her serious homicidal tendencies—which are not an attractive characteristic to find in a $10,000 non-returnable (but fully washable) anatomically correct silicone sex-doll. Love Object is an intelligent, well-crafted work with a variety of possible readings, but first and foremost it’s a creepy dive into the dark psycho-sexual underbelly of a socially inept freak. Midnight madness indeed!

Featuring great performances from the three leads, plus veteran character actors Rip Torn and Udo Kier (as the landlord who becomes very curious about the strange coffin-like box delivered to his tenant). Watch for a quick cameo from John (Break a Leg) Cassini.

Bruce Fletcher