John Crowley
2003, Ireland, 103 minutes

“Eleven storylines, with no less than 54 speaking parts, humorously crisscross through raw, rambunctious contemporary Dublin in an extremely impressive debut by Irish director John Crowley and writer Mark O’Rowe. Thi s borderline grungy, but highly entertaining comedy-drama stands out for the clarity of it’s characters, all of whom are introduced and developed without making the audience work overtime, and the Swiss-clock precision of its script.”


We are very proud to close ten days of global independent visions with interMission, an absolutely extraordinary, dense, challenging, truthful (and quite unclassifiable) dramatic romantic-comedy crime-drama slice of life character study. This magnificent film is practically flawless, and heralds the arrival of a major new directing talent on the international film scene.

The passion for the project is evident in every aspect of the production, both onscreen and behind the lens. Also featured in the stellar ensemble cast are Colin Farrell, Cillian (28 Days Later) Murphy, Kelly (Gosford Park) Macdonald, Shirley (Trainspotting) Henderson, Colm (every Irish film released in America) Meany and 49 other very talented actors.

Our 2004 Closing Night Gala is also a first for IndieFest—we’re presenting a film starring an actual A-List Hollywood Movie Star. But before the grumbling starts about the Festival selling out and losing its vision, we must point out the talented Mr. Farrell started his career in one of the greatest independent films of the last decade, Tim Roth’s harrowing incest drama The War Zone, and interMission marks a welcome return to his roots (or perhaps he’s just doing penance for Daredevil).

—Bruce Fletcher