Julian Richards
2003, UK, 80 minutes
North American Premiere

“One of the best British movies of this year.”
—Alan Jones, Shivers

“Unbelievably, The Last Horror Movie almost lives up to the impossible demands of its title. This instant classic takes the psycho film to it’s very limits and emerges as arguably the most incisive externalization of a murderer’s thought processes ever to be depicted.” —Darrell Buxton,
The Spinning Image

IndieFest is presenting two groundbreaking studies of madness on the cutting edge of film horror, and the works are polar opposites. Haute Tension raises the bar for the visceral, physical slasher film in much the same way that Dario Argento’s work reinvented Hitchcock’s pioneering Psycho.

However Julian Richards’ The Last Horror Movie is cut from an entirely different (though possibly more sinister and psychologically disturbing) cloth, for it takes films like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Man Bites Dog as the point of departure. Rather than attempting to shock, The Last Horror Movie gets under your skin and coaxes you to participate in the journey until it is too late to escape. It is an unsettling, and genuinely creepy viewing experience.

If you allow Max Parry, the handsome, mild-mannered and charismatic wedding photographer, to enter your world, your life will change forever. The Last Horror Movie has the potential to alter the perceptions of its audience in a way that very few films are able. Richards’ work is intelligent, unforgettable and very deserving of the Best UK Feature Film award it received at London’s Raindance Film Festival.

—Bruce Fletcher

In attendance: Director Julian Richards, Writer James Handel