Kenneth J. Hall
2004, USA, 90 minutes
World Premiere

“While this film revels in it’s exploitive roots, it has a strong pro-women theme. Female sexuality is probably the strongest force on earth. It’s what drives most men to succeed in society. It’s the basis of the whole economy. Our hero is female and so is our villain. Before it starts sounding too pretentious, let me assure you that The Halfway House is, first and foremost, a no-holds-barred horror film with enough monsters, gore and gratuitous nudity to satisfy the most hardcore fan. At least I hope it does….” —Kenneth Hall

Evil forces are afoot in the bowels of the Mary Magdalen Halfway House for Troubled Girls. Our brave heroine, Larissa Morgan, encounters perverted priests, nasty nuns, girls gone wild and a terrifying tome with the power to unleash unnamable horrors! Cult Queen Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000, Eating Raoul, and 2002’s IndieFest hit The New Women) brings her inimitable style to the depraved proceedings.

Melding classic ’60s H.P. Lovecraft movies, not-so-classic ’70s women-in-prison exploitation extravaganzas, and ’80s slasher flicks, writer/director Hall whips up a whirlwind of old-school (rubber) Monster Chiller Horror Theatre excitement.
Originally titled Gut-Eating Monsters from Hell, we suggest you leave your “art hat” at the door.

The IndieFest staff also wishes to apologize for not presenting The Halfway House at a drive-in where it belongs, although it may be argued that the Women’s Building is also appropriate. If you wish to discuss female empowerment with Mr. Hall, please stay for the Q&A.

—Bruce Fletcher

In attendance: Director/writer Kenneth J.Hall,
Icon Mary Woronov