Bill Plympton
2004, USA, 80 minutes

Bill Plympton, the undisputed master of grotesque animation, brings his latest romantic horror comedy
to San Francisco for one night only. Happy Valentines Day!

With a tip of the hat to Carrie, Hair High is an American Gothic high-school comedy chock-full of the weird sex, bizarre imagery, over-the-top set-pieces, creepy monsters, and sweet romance we’ve come to expect from the excessive auteur. You’ll laugh, scream a little, marvel at the mascot’s huge erection, go “Ewwwwww, gross” a couple of times, wipe away a tear, and then laugh some more. This is a perfect first-date movie for the alternative crowd.

Cherri and Rod rule their domain as the reigning high-school king and queen. When the new kid, Spud, offends them he is forced to become Cherri’s slave. In the best meet-cute romantic tradition, their initial hatred transforms into everlasting love. They decide to attend the prom, but their plans go fatally awry when Rod discovers the arrangement. His murderous jealousy turns true love to tragedy as he forces their car into a lake. They sink to the bottom locked in a final embrace. One year later, the submerged car emerges and the (soggy and decomposed) lovers head for the prom
to finish their date.

Produced, directed and animated (live on the web) by Plympton, with voice talent that includes Keith and David Carradine, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Silverman, Beverly D’Angelo, Martha Plimpton, Ed Begley Jr. and Matt Groening.

-Bruce Fletcher


Signe Baumane, 2003, USA/Latvia, 10 min

In attendance: Bill Plypton