Sue Corcoran
2003, USA, 96 minutes

Wildly entertaining and subversive, hitting both left and right. I laughed my head off.”
—Richard Elfman, director, The Forbidden Zone

“The Von Piglet Sisters are courageous, talented and totally original. I loved this film.”
—Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Studios

Inspired by the classic cult films, Seattle-based Corcoran and company have crafted a delightful B-movie musical biblical epic horror comedy. Obviously destined for cult status, Gory Gory Hallelujah will offend the humor-impaired—but everyone else will have a very good time.

Four actors (a Black revolutionary, a bisexual hippie, a neurotic Jewish guy and a woman with sexual issues) audition for the role of Jesus. When they are all rejected (to their great surprise), they hit the road on motorcycles to find on-stage glory in New York City.

A fateful roadhouse run-in with a gang of Elvises and mountains of cocaine strands the unlikely quartet in the town of Jackville. But the locals don’t take kindly to blasphemers, alternative lifestyle choices, people of color—or anything else for that matter. Will our would-be saviors fall prey to evil small-town conspirators, Deliverance wanna-be’s and flesh-eating zombies, or save the world from the Apocalypse?

Gory Gory Hallelujah is an award-winning international festival hit that has screened in Switzerland, Canada and England, and we are very pleased to unleash this self-described “apocalyptic fairy tale” in the Bay Area. So put yourself in the right frame of mind and join us in Jackville.

—Bruce Fletcher

In attendance: Director/Producer Sue Corcoran, Actor/Writer Angie Louise (aka The Von Piglet Sisters)


Julian Clarke
12 min.

Two underachieving ice cream salesmen are attacked by a horde of zombies on election day.