Ashley Fester
Canada, 2003, 98 minutes
US Premiere

Warning: this film contains material that will be considered disgusting and offensive by the pure of spirit and faint of heart.

See a man faint during Cannibal Holocaust! See the evil genius of the Torture Garden fundraiser! See Udo Kier berate his interviewers! See a festival director battle the British Columbia Censor Board—and win! See the local media ignore the festival completely! And (if you dare) recoil in horror at the most gruesome moments in Sinematic history!

So you wanna start a film festival? Let the irrepressible Kier-la Janisse show you how. The CineMuerte International Film Festival is the internationally acclaimed result of one woman’s unbridled passion for shocking film. With no experience and little money, she created an annual nine-day celebration of films selected to “corrupt your mind and assault your senses.” Now five years old, CineMuerte receives no corporate sponsorships, government money or support from the local cultural establishment, but earns fierce loyalty from its devoted audience. CineMuerte even brings a sidebar to the Yerba Buena Center—seek it out and support it.

With appearances by Udo (Flesh for Frankenstein) Kier, Jorg (Nekromantik) Buttgereit Jeff (Squirm) Lieberman, Buddy (Combat Shock) Giovinazzo and Jean (Requiem for a Vampire) Rollin. Featuring bloody good clips from Possession, Black Belly of the Tarantula, Demons, Who Can Kill a Child?, Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue, Mermaid in a Manhole, The Beyond, Singapore Sling, Mark of the Devil, The Isle, The Perfume of the Lady in Black, Kissed and many many more.

—Bruce Fletcher

In attendance: Director Ashley Fester