Yukihiko Tsutsumi
2003, Japan, 70 minutes

What is THE DUEL PROJECT? Late one night at a German film festival, two of Japan’s most exciting directors met in a bar. The mutual admirers talked late into the night until Yukihiko (Trick!, Keizoku) Tsutsumi threw down the gauntlet and challenged Ryuhei (Versus, Alive) Kitamura to a duel. Not a traditional 10 paces turn-and-fire duel – but a cinematic battle with rigid rules of conduct. Each director would make a film in a confined setting about a duel to the death between two characters. Many consider The Duel Project to be a personal best for each director. Judge for yourself – and please don’t forget to fill out your ballot.

“Sure to click with the Kill Bill crowd.” -Variety

Film Threat got it right when they described 2LDK as the “Apocalypse Now of cat-fights.” Nozomi and Lana are beautiful actresses who share an apartment: 2 bedrooms, a Living room, Dining room and Kitchen… 2LDK

Imagine Itchy and Scratchy working for the same talent agency, sharing an apartment, sleeping with the same man, auditioning for the lead in the same big-budget movie, and using each other’s shampoo without asking first. Nozomi is an anal-retentive small-town girl living in Tokyo with dreams of making it big, and Lana is a jaded starlet trying to ditch her porno past with one last chance to break into the “real” film industry. The scene is set: Let the mayhem begin!
The escalation from bitchy complaints and open-handed slaps to bleach, electricity, fire, swords and the inevitable chainsaw will either have you jumping out of your seat and running for the exits, or rolling in the aisles with hysterical laughter! I laughed my ass off. Enjoy.

-Bruce Fletcher