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We're happy you decided to join the festivities at the 5th San Francisco Independent Film Festival. IndieFest screens entertaining passionate work that provokes a response. Your reaction might be positive, or it might be negative - but you will have a reaction. We solemnly swear not to subject you to an endless series of bleak, torpid fare with doomed characters silently suffering in static frames - other festivals can play those. For the next ten days, we revel in the astounding, unknown, offbeat, and provocative world of independent movies. When it's over, we'll turn the lights on and stagger away, bleary-eyed and satiated.

Traditionally, the business of film is conducted at parties, so we throw a party every night. We probably won't do any business but it's a good excuse to party. Schmooze the actors, directors and producers and you might be drinking and dancing with the future Hollywood A-list. Plus, you get to meet San Francisco's most interesting and creative people - our audience.

We have something for every taste: drama, comedy, award-winning art films, romance, science fiction, documentaries, animation, music, sleazoid trash, mockumentaries and a great selection of exciting short film programs. Our second weekend is a very special presentation: the 1st annual Horror and Fantastic Film Festival. Check it out; you won't be disappointed. We have the World Premiere of House of the Dead, Bruce Campbell vs. Bubba Ho-tep, a rare screening of Peter Jackson's Brain Dead, the best new American independent horror films and much more. And if you think you've seen it all, watch Death Bed: The Bed That Eats.

Have a great time!

Jeff, Bruce, Tod & Molli