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Special Thanks

Special Thanks to all those individuals that support the efforts of The San Francisco Independent Film Festival and helped to produce this very special event:

Stevy's Thank You's: Sponsors & Partners: Bob Meyer, Ed Delmon, Greg Ahn, Gigi & Giovanni The Margarita King, Valerie Tooks and GFTA, Jennie Louie, Amy Kweskin and The Business Arts Council, Lauren Friedman, Dana Pluck, Adolph Gasser, Sean Etta,Scott Bradley and all at Rainbow Grocery, Chris Connery, Kurt Sonderegger, Ramon Laguardia, David Wright, Don Hogan, Kathleen Luzzi, Sean Ahearn and the web folks from CEA, Anne Merrifield, Rikard Ortenheim, Jason Torn and PaperBoy Producitons, the Awesome SF IndieFest staff and all our wonderful benefactors.

Our board members: Anders deJounge, Tony Flores, Henry Rosenthal, Monica McLemore, Jeff Ross & Stevy Stephens.

THANK YOU to all of our Partners and Sponsors for supporting the 4th Annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival Green Room :

Makers Mark Manhattans

Mum Cuvee Champagne


RedrumSauza Tequila


Skyy Martini &
Speciality Vodka Drinks

Fabulous South African Wine
provided by Stonehurst Winery

Vermeer Dutch Chocolate Liquor

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