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Kevin Molony
2001, 23 min, UK
Contact : mooch@btconnect.com
Synopsis : On a dark and stormy night there is a strange birth among the circus folk. Who is the father? And…what exactly happened on the eve of the Sylvester night Gala?

Gabriele Neudecker
2001, 27 min, Austria
Contact : gabriele_neudecker@hotmail.com
Synopsis : Maria, a fifteen-year-old Austrian farm girl, recalls (in various flashbacks) her friendship with the Russian girl Natalja – as well as her sudden disappearance. This magical realist work tackles the traditional Austrian animosity toward strangers and those who think differently.


BOMBAY RAJ (World Premiere)
Sachin Parekh
2002, 24 min, India/USA
Contact : srparekh@earthlink.net
Synopsis : Raj, an illiterate thief just released from prison, discovers that his wife is now a prostitute. He returns to his hovel in the slums and is challenged to kill his wife to protect the family name. While searching for his wife, Raj must decide whether to seek vengeance or to forgive her.


Still 1 | Still 2
Michal Sedlacek
2001, 17 min, Czech Republic
Contact : ms1102@columbia.edu
Synopsis : Three young Czech soldiers are riding home by train to celebrate their first holiday. The trio meet a young Gypsy couple in their compartment and, as the day fades, the soldier’s idea of a party takes a very dark turn.