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  Sun 2/3 12:00 pm New College of California    
  Mon 2/4 7:15 pm Studio Z / Transmission    

Sun 2/10 12:30 pm Expressions Center

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Tom Borden
2002, 5 min, USA
Contact : tmborden@earthlink.net
Synopsis : Chuck Hepburn’s business card reads “Naked Saxophone Player”. Chuck is also a jet propulsion physicist who worked on the space exploration program with NASA.

Sarah Kernochan
2001, 42 min, USA
In Attendance : Thoth
Contact : profrabbit@hotmail.com • (t) 212 595 0782
Synopsis : Sarah Kernochan, winner of a Best Documentary Feature Academy-award® for MARJOE, returns with an incredible portrait of Thoth. This unique musician may be a familiar face, he was a long-time resident of San Francisco (and a fixture on the streets and BART stations) before relocating to New York. Thoth’s work involves the creation of a world (not unlike Tolkein’s Middle Earth) with it’s own language, culture and history. His other-worldly musical performances are designed to awaken the listener, and help heal the disunity of all people.


CHAMPION BLUES (World Premiere)
Aletha Rodgers
2002, 50 min, USA
Contact : pizazzaletha@yahoo.com • (t) 323 258 8545
Synopsis : Charles Brown considered Mickey Champion to be one of the great powerhouse blues singers of all time. She performed with Billie Holiday, T-Bone Walker and Dinah Washington. But, she was also a busy single parent raising seven children on Central Avenue in Los Angeles. She cooked for the LA Unified School District for seventeen years, nourishing the body by day, the soul by night.