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Linda Duvoisin    
2001, 85 min, USA    
“…celebrates the lives of five extremely interesting women. They are all pistols.”
– The Washington Post
Fri 2/1 5:00 pm
New College of California
Thu 2/7 7:15 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Sun 2/10 7:00 pm
Expression Center
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You Don’t Know What I Got, the debut feature from Linda Duvoisin, is a sprightly, candid portrait that examines the thoughts, ideas, convictions and passions of five diverse American women. Her technique shifts our attention at irregular intervals, abruptly changing time and place, mirroring the actual conversation patterns and highlighting the universal aspects of their experiences. She cuts from Tennessee to Minnesota to New Mexico, or joins Ani DiFranco onstage if she sings an appropriate line. Each of these master storytellers adds her voice to a tapestry of home spun tales, fables, confessions, advice, music, poetry, thoughts and actions. The richly textured portrayal is filled with the unforgettable stories of determined women who share an extraordinary passion for Life. Their wit and wisdom form the foundation of an immensely satisfying film. Features singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco, Linda Finney, a police officer activist/poet, fellow police officer Julie Brunzell who shares her dream of becoming a social worker, Myrtle Stedman, born in 1908, a feisty artist and adobe-architect, and she revisits Jimmie Woodruff, the charming housekeeper who worked for the Duvoisin family.
In Attendance :
Contact : SuperJane Films •www.whatigot.comLinda@whatigot.com • (t) 202 253 0069 • (f) 703 525 7501
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