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Marc Rokoff    
2002, 80 min, USA    
  World Premiere
Sun 2/3 9:15 pm
New College of California
Wed 2/6 9:30 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
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Warning: Some material may be disturbing. No one under 18 will be admitted.

Reverend Leyba is a legally ordained Priest in the Church of Satan. He is known in the underground art world as the “Father of Sexpressionism”. The man views every kind of bodily excretion as a viable medium with which to paint. He is deeply in touch with his Native American ancestry. This just scratches the surface. Rokoff followed him for two years, and observed his life, art and his infamous personal rituals. The Reverend’s prolific and varied artistic output reflects his unyielding political and religious opinions. His notoriety was ensured when he performed the ‘Apache Whiskey Rite’ at a 1997 party for local political consultant Jack Davis. Radical art and raging performances result in a portrait of an artist fulfilling his perverse, yet fully-engaged, artistic vision. Includes interviews with anthropologist/photographer Charles Gatewood, Church of Satan High Priestess Blanche Barton and President of the Tom of Finland foundation, Durk Dehner. This film does contain explicit scenes of material that may be considered disturbing (or worse) by many people. You have been warned.

Look for his book: Coyote Satan Amerika (Last Gasp).
In Attendance : Marc Rokoff, Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba
Contact : www.unspeakablemovie.comrokoff@hotmail.com • (t) 415 577 3972
Preceded By : Behind The Scenes of Cybersex (2002, 4 min, USA) by Aron Ranen
Contact : aranen@attglobal.netwww.moonhoax.com • (t) 415 810 5934
Synopsis : Just a brief peek – your credit card number will not be required.

In Attendance : Aron Ranen