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Robert Temple & Joe Kicak    
2002, 73 min, Canada    
  World Premiere
Sun 2/3 2:15 pm
New College of California
Mon 2/4 2:45 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Sat 2/9 5:00 pm
Expression Center
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TWO DAYS TILL TOMORROW is the CITIZEN KANE of high-school movies. Temple and Kicak embarked on a class project that got totally out of hand, and this is the result. Temple plays Eddie, and Kicak is the main character Steve. The duo are also credited as: producer, writer, director, editor, costumes, art direction, first assistant director, A&B camera operators, set designer, head carpenter, set construction, chief lighting technician, sound editor, foley artist, storyboard artist, blue screen coordinator, props, make-up and design, computer graphics, credit sequences, and casting. Now that’s an Indie credit roll! The result is messy, raw, energetic, hallucinogenic, fun and inspiring. Technically excellent throughout, it bursts with visual and sonic energy. Kicak leaps off the screen as Steve, a badly damaged street hustler. He’s a strange hybrid of ‘Mannie the Punk’ and ‘Ratso Rizzo’ complete with an absinthe lab in the basement (to satisfy his inner Romantic fin-de-siecle alchemist). Eddie is a young business guy minding his own business, who becomes inextricably linked with the manic Steve. Music by Tool, Tommy James and others.
In Attendance : Joe Kicak
Contact : joekicak@sympatico.cawww.twodaystilltomorrow.com • (t) 416 831 3434 / (f) 416 767 8700

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Contact : mc3gerwalk@hotmail.com • (t) 773 857 7801
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