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Joseph Perez    
2001, 85 min, USA    
Sun 2/3 12:00 pm
Roxie Cinema
Wed 2/6 7:15 pm
Roxie Cinema
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The success of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT flooded the offices of Film Festivals all over the globe with mockumentaries, the vast majority of which never will (and never should) play on a big screen. At best, they tell the truth without naming names: miffed rock-star egos still bristle at Rob Reiner’s classic THIS IS SPINAL TAP. At worst, they say more about the filmmaker than the subject (usually looney adventures with serial killers, Alien abductees and bizarre dating rituals). Reality is already strange and humorous. It’s too easy to simulate lunatics being stupid.
But TO PROTECT AND SERVE is different. It’s a wonderful character study, as well as a delightfully comic misadventure. The set-up is familiar: filmmaker rides around with two veteran LAPD officers to document the mean streets of Los Angeles. However, TO PROTECT AND SERVE triumphs because Perez offers well-developed characters in recognizably real situations, and he lets the humor develop naturally. It’s a welcome, and very funny, addition to an often ill-used genre. The run-in with the Mariachi band is brilliant.
In Attendance : Joseph Perez
Contact : cinadvocat@aol.comwww.toprotectandserve-themovie.com • (t) 818 553 3829

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Preceded By : eMALE (2001, 17 min, USA) by Bryan Harston
Contact : www.emale-film.combharston@idea-ranch.com • (t) 214 616 7554 • (f) 817 906 1402
Synopsis : To win a contest, Dale Fortunato (Daniel Roebuck – RIVER’S EDGE) will be welded inside his apartment for a year…living entirely off the Internet. He has friends, a smart woman who loves him, and soon… $100,000 in cash. What could possibly go wrong?