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Todd Hughes    
2001, 89 min, USA    
Sat 2/2 9:15 pm
Roxie Cinema
Wed 2/6 12:30 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Sat 2/9 7:15 pm
Expression Center
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Mary Woronov, (EATING RAOUL, DEATH RACE 2000) stars in THE NEW WOMEN, a mutation of George Cukor’s 1939 classic THE WOMEN. The result is a post-apocalyptic black-comedy adventure with sharp performances, a keen ear for dialogue, and an encyclopedic knowledge of B-Film history. Lisa LaStrada (Woronov) pines over the infidelities of her husband, who is having an affair with her nemesis, Virgina Van Upp until a strange rainstorm causes everyone on earth to fall asleep. The women wake up to a still world. Men remain comatose, getting erections every forty-five minutes. Soon, the food is running out, and the men dehydrate and die. There is no hope in the isolated town of Lacuna. Lisa hits the road to follow a shaky radio signal that advertises Elysium, a new society for women by women. Will the new-age hippy chicks and angry, jilted bikers stand in the way of true happiness? Or is Elysium, too, another impossible dream?
In Attendance : John Schleisser (producer), Todd Hughes, and cast
Contact : www.TheNewWomen.com • (t) 323 856 7629 • (f) 323 856 7875

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Preceded By : Farmer McAllister’s Thinkin’ Machine (2001, 12 min, USA) by Brady Koch
Contact : sweetbottom@hotmail.comhttp://redsrobots.tripod.com • (t) 321 278 7747
Synopsis : Down on the farm there is a cow, a pitchfork, a haggard man, a shed, an evil wife, and a bucket-headed robot. Not to mention a lust that will test the limits of marriage and metal fatigue.

In attendance : Brady Koch