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James Crowley    
2002, 93 min, USA    
“…a ruggedly elegant spaghetti western with a contemporary twist. THE JOURNEYMAN nails it” – Film Threat ****    
  World Premiere
Fri 2/1 7:15 pm
New College of California
Wed 2/6 2:45 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Sun 2/10 5:00 pm
Expressions Center
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On a tired ranch in West Texas, two young boys secretly witness the brutal killing of their father, Samuel Hancock (Willie Nelson), by a gang of ruthless marauders. While the bandits loot and burn their homestead, the eldest bro-ther hides his sibling and attempts to fight off the killers. The eldest boy is kidnapped and forced to endure a tortuous life, and the younger of the two is found and raised by a Mexican priest. Thirteen years later, the leaders of the gang, Charlie Ledbetter (Barry Corbin – NORTHERN EXPOSURE) and Horace Merrywell attempt to live respect-able lives operating a mine on the Mexican border. The older brother (Brad Hunt – DREAM WITH THE FISHES, COOKERS) hasn’t forgotten them, and addicted to morphine, void of human emotions and near death, he heads their way. Meanwhile, riding towards the mine is the younger brother, The Journeyman, now a mysterious soft-spoken traveler, secretly looking to save his dying brother’s soul. THE JOURNEYMAN is a chilling, hypnotic tale of the legacy of violence and it’s ability to send siblings down separate paths – good and evil. This one is sure to please western fans (and we know you’re out there pardner).
In Attendance : James Crowley, Brunson Green (producer), Brad Hunt (star)
Contact : www.journeymanmovie.comcontrabandofilms@aol.com • (t) 512 485 3050 / (f) 512 445 4665
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Contact : info@thedirectorsbureau.comwww.thedirectorsbureau.com
Synopsis : During WWII a man fell out of his plane at 20,000 feet and survived. This is what he experienced.