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Richard Parry    
2001, 98 min, UK    
  North America Premiere
Fri 2/1 7:15 pm
Roxie Cinema
Tue 2/5 5:00 pm
Roxie Cinema
Sun 2/10 6:00 pm
Parkway Theater
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SOUTH WEST 9, the latest from the producers of HUMAN TRAFFIC, is an exuberant, serious, exciting work, and one of the most entertaining British films in years. It’s provocative, intense, visually stunning, has a healthy dose of cynical humor, and a killer soundtrack from Orbital, Roger Sanchez and Alabama 3.

SW9: the Brixton postal code. Nowhere else in Britain has such a diversity of characters and the madness of a true street culture. Riots. Guns. Drugs. This is the old Brixton. Throw in yuppies, clubbers, scammers, Internet anarchists and rave clubs and you have the new Brixton. It puts you through the windshield of the new millennium. The death of idealism, capitalism, religion and hippies. Even the drugs don’t work any more. The children of the “summer of love” generation are revolting. Seattle. Stockholm. Paris, Quebec City. May Day Riots. DisUnited Kingdom. The Internet is informing today’s youth about the behavior of the multi-nationals. The kids are not all right. In 24 hours, 5 of them will be changed forever.
In Attendance : Richard Parry and Allan Niblo (producer)
Contact : www.sw9movie.comfruitsaladfilms@supanet.com • Fruit Salad Film – J. Ruth Evans • (t) 44 207 404 1404 • (f) 44 207 404 0576
Preceded By : Remote (2001, 11 min, USA) by Ethan Tobman
Contact : TobmanD@aol.com • (t) 917 952 0520
Synopsis : Three couples of different ethnicity, sex, sexuality and race exchange the same dialogue – word for word, with unnerving results. Official selection – Cannes 2001.