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Robert Taicher    
2002, 75 min, USA    
  World Premiere
Fri 2/1 9:30 pm
Roxie Cinema
Mon 2/4 5:00 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Fri 2/8 9:30 pm
Expression Center
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Robert Taicher earned his Indie credentials by producing Alejandro Jodorowsky’s THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, and working on SANTA SANGRE. His latest film is an outrageous, often hilarious, slice-of-life in the tradition of BARFLY. It is best described as “Waiting for Godot” meets “The Odd Couple in Hell”. Peter (Glenn Shadix – BEETLEJUICE) and Ray (Gill Gayle – THE NEW WOMEN) are down-and-out alcoholics living in the ‘Pepto Bismol Palace’ in the Lower Haight. They imbibe massive quantities of vodka, report each other to 911, get hauled off to jail, and raise the ire of everyone within earshot. Based on actual conversations recorded in the late ’80s, these unbelievable harangues became an underground cultural sensation. Duplicated again and again, these aural journals of self-loathing and drunken nonsense traveled the world. They were featured on NPR, alternative radio,
and they became a daily soap opera on the airwaves in Auckland, New Zealand. Samples appear on records by L7, Faith No More, and Kim Deal. A bittersweet slice of urban Americana.
In Attendance : Robert Taicher, Gill Gayle (star), Jeff Maynard (producer), Glenn Shadix (star), Jenni Gold (editor)
Contact : www.shutyerdirtylittlemouth.comfilmi@mindspring.com • (t) 305 525 1503 • (f) 818 781 7491
Preceded By : The Lost Tapes of Emmett Sagittarius Deemus (2002, 8 min, USA) by Larry Hankin
Contact : LHFABLE@aol.com • (t) 310 399 4781 • (f) 310 399 2581
Synopsis : Emmett tells one story, four rants, and two-thirds of a poem in an attempt to explain how he got where he is, and what he does there.