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Bill Plympton    
2001, 83 min, USA    
Sun 2/3 9:15 pm
Roxie Cinema
Wed 2/6 2:45 pm
Roxie Cinema
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Plymptoon fans rejoice, Bill Plympton returns to the big screen of IndieFest (following CAN’T DRAG RACE WITH JESUS last year) with a cartoon/feature double-bill. EAT (now part of the Spike and Mike touring show) will get you in the proper mood for MUTANT ALIENS, Plympton’s third hand drawn animated motion picture (following 1992’s THE TUNE and I MARRIED A STRANGE PERSON from 1998). Plympton spins a wildly humorous, yet poignant yarn about an astronaut, his daughter, and five violent (yet sympathetic) alien creatures seeking revenge on a space baron. The twisted narrative begins as astronaut Earl Jenson says goodbye to Josie, his 5-year old, and evil rocket designer Dr. Frubar. After the launch, Frubar ejects the rocket’s fuel and the enraged Josie bites his finger off. Earl is lost in space. 20 years later Josie and her boyfriend are having sex at the observatory where she works, and they notice something crash into the ground. Earl has returned to Earth. He tells of the planet of the Nose People, and everyone laughs, until an incredibly savage nose pops out of the capsule and the carnage commences. The vice-president has now been moved to a safe, undisclosed location.
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Contact : plymptoons@aol.com • (t) 212 675 6021 • (f) 212 675 0233
Preceded By : Eat (2001, 9 min, USA) by Bill Plympton
Contact : plymptoons@aol.com
Synopsis : A quaint, charming French restaurant quickly becomes the scene of culinary mayhem. Winner – Grand Prize for Short Films: Cannes 2001.