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Ilya Chaiken    
2001, 98 min, USA    
“…writer-director Ilya Chaiken’s debut feature is a surprisingly in-depth, wistful look at outgrowing a youth-only subculture… MARGARITA HAPPY HOUR could parlay fest gigs and favorable word- of-mouth into deserved sleeper status.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety    
Sat 2/2 12:00 pm
Roxie Cinema
Mon 2/4 7:15 pm
Roxie Cinema
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Set against the backdrop of New York’s music and art scene MARGARITA HAPPY HOUR allows a rare and intimate glimpse into the world of urban motherhood. Five women (on the verge of turning thirty) meet at their favorite bar every day in the late afternoon (with their toddlers in tow) for half-price drink specials, and to jabber uninhibitedly about life, libidos and lactation. The lynchpin of the quintet is Zelda (Eleanor Hutchins), an artist and unwed mother struggling to maintain her persona as a sexy, rock-star seducing underground siren.
To make ends meet she does freelance illustration for a porno-mag, and shares a communal Brooklyn loft with slackers, hipsters and scene-queens. In the bedroom she shares with her boyfriend Max (played by Indie director Larry Fessenden), Zelda coos her baby to sleep as the walls vibrate with loud music and laughter. When her best friend Natali moves in, Zelda is forced to decide whether to remain trapped by the illusions of youth, or break out of the cycle.
In Attendance :
Contact : www.margaritahappyhour.com • (t) 212 691 2168 • (f) 212 633 6816
Preceded By : Lollipops (2001, 8 min, Canada) by Graham Tallman
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Synopsis : Ten year-old Emma, whose parents have recently divorced, is forced to make a difficult choice.