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Stephane Gehami    
2001, 55 min, Canada    
  United States Premiere
Sat 2/2 2:15 pm
New College of California
Wed 2/6 7:15 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Sat 2/9 12:30 pm
Expression Center
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LOVE ON THE RUN is an epic DV ‘Nouvelle Vague’-styled mini-feature from Quebec. After the Premiere at the 2001 Montreal World Film Festival, it played in Portugal and Italy before arriving in San Francisco. The lyrical story follows a young ex-filmmaker on his search for love, meaning and purpose. While casting his new film, an actress tells Luc that his film script is terrible: he knows she is absolutely correct. He puts down his camera and embarks on a journey that takes him far from his daily existence. Luc wakes up in a small fishing boat floating off the coast of Mexico.
In Attendance : Julian Ferrera (producer/editor), Stephane Gehami
Contact : Ferrescope Productions Inc. • julian@mlink.net • (t) 416 927 7755
Preceded By : Pink Pyjamas (2002, 28 min, Australia) by Elissa Down
Contact : elissadown@hotmail.com • (t) 61 8 9201 0492 • (f) 61 8 9201 1173
Synopsis : All Deborah wants for her thirteenth birthday is a pair of pink pyjamas. In the week leading to her special day, this childhood dream is shattered as everything around her changes.
Preceded by : What’s In It For Me? (Kann Ich Was Abhaben?) (2001, 22 min, Germany ) by Klaus Reinelt & Johannes Kassenberg
Contact : johannes@kassenberg.com • (t) 49 201 744 426 • (f) 49 201 74 94 559
Synopsis : A man undergoes strange experiments and dreams he can fly. The scientist administers an overdose of dream energy. Now he can really fly! Made by animating 15,000 35mm photographs.