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Jon Einarsson Gustafsson    
2000, 85 min, Canada    
  United States Premiere
Sun 2/3 4:30 pm
Roxie Cinema
Mon 2/4 5:00 pm
Roxie Cinema
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This film is one of the best traveled Canadian exports (after the Montreal World Film Festival premiere, it’s played in Puerto Rico, Iran, Ireland and Egypt), and it finally makes its circuitous route to IndieFest. Perhaps part of KANADIANA’s appeal is the well-defined sense of place. In what other film would you see someone unplug the car before attempting a fast getaway? Some of the universal appeal is undoubtedly the quirky sensibility, and practically every admiring review points to FARGO as a reference point, but Gustafsson is not an acolyte of the Coen brothers. It is something more than that. The deceptively simple tale grows richer with eccentric incidentals (hockey robbery, seduction by lesbian cop, multiple endings), fleshing out the world of the film. It’s winter in Winnipeg, the geographic center of North America. Prettyboy (Schioler) is released from his 3-year robbery sentence. He took the fall for his brother Spinner (Mr. Ryder). Spinner is the evil one, and pulls PB back into the life for one last score. The pair head north (because most guys go south) with stolen diamonds, and stash them in a pick-up at a gas station (two pumps in the middle of nowhere) because the police drive up. They search the frozen plains for a girl and a truck.
In Attendance : Tom Schioler (producer/star), Mr. Ryder (a.k.a. Ihor A. Procak) Producer/Writer/Star
Contact : tommialan@yahoo.ca
Preceded By : Running Time (2001, 5 min, USA) by Warren Biro
Contact : runningtime@nyc.rr.com
Synopsis : The Hunter. The Hunted. It’s a story of brotherly love.