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Mark Fauser    
2002, 87 min, USA    
  World Premiere
Sat 2/2 9:15 pm
New College of California
Thu 2/7 2:45 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Fri 2/8 7:15 pm
Expressions Center
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Writer/director/actor Mark Fauser is the man responsible for this hilarious politically incorrect comic nightmare. Life is perfect for Johnny Boscoe, the world’s biggest movie star. He’s at the top of his game. He has a loving girlfriend. He is adored wherever he goes. Then one day the rules change. On the best night of Johnny’s life, two nutty stalkers threaten to expose his “biggest” secret. At the right place at the wrong time, he is cornered by Mark and Madeline – extras in a movie he once did. These devoted fans will follow him anywhere, urinals not excluded. The manic fans with their Polaroid, capture a side of Johnny that is a little less impressive than he would like to have known. Blackmailed in the men’s room, Johnny has to decide between revealing the truth, or going along for the ride to avoid public humiliation and career suicide. He had no idea that playing their game would cause his whole world to get flushed down the toilet. From that moment on, Mark and Madeline crop up in every facet of his life, and use the photo to delicately control Johnny’s reality.
In Attendance : Robert Jacobs & Kim Chase (producers)
Contact : TRAILRUNNERPROD@aol.comwww.markfauser.com • (t) 818 845 4580 / (f) 310 915 8587
Preceded By : Flush (2001, 9 min, USA) by David Walker Johnson
Contact : dwj.dom@verizon.net
Synopsis : An over-the-top comedy that propels human ingenuity and human frailty to new levels, all in the name of love and hygiene.