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Raoul W. Heimrich    
2001, 84 min, Germany    
Sun 2/3 7:00 pm
New College of California
Tue 2/5 9:30 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
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This unique, and disturbing, feature premiered at the Sitges Festival of Fantastic Film in Barcelona in 2001, and now makes it’s way to the Bay area. Utilizing the medium of video in the most intimate way, FinalCut.com stares death straight in the face and refuses to flinch. The same may not be true for the audience. A young, ambitious director of photography and his girlfriend want to make big money. They decide to document suicides, and sell the resulting footage to the highest bidder. But the photographer soon wants to quit this unwholesome activity, because he doesn’t believe the suicide films they shoot are realistic and visually exciting. His girlfriend refuses to quit, and persuades him to continue by soliciting business for their fledgling company on the internet. This guarantees the photogenic victims he is searching for. He is soon caught up in a maelstrom of bloodthirsty greed. Eventually, pushing the potential suicides if they hesitate. To ensure that he can not be accused of murder (since the evidence is on tape), his girlfriend suggests they fake (and film) his death. Who will survive and what will be left of them?
In Attendance :
Contact : info@shuto-entertainment.de • (t) 49 221 340 0128 / (f) 49 221 340 0128

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Preceded By : Thou Shalt Not Kill (2001, 4 min, Hong Kong ) by Yuk Ting Chan
Contact : phnxchan@hotmail.com
Synopsis : A man kills someone; a Judge executes prisoners. Who has the right to kill? Who has the right to Judge? A short animation inspired by the Bible and DECALOG V.