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Calum Grant & Joshua Atesh Litle    
2001, 78 min, USA    
“…reports of a new virus causing some concern in the Kotto River region of Central Africa. For more, we turn to our Nairobi Correspondent Kevin Samalina…”
– “All Things Considered”: National Public Radio, March 21

“Boy, there were some scared folks in the Mayor’s office this week. They found a roomful of comatose people just staring glassy-eyed, openmouthed, no expressions at all, right here in Manhattan, and they thought that, you know, this is it! The Plague has broken out in New York! Turned out to be a false alarm, it was just a City Council meeting.”
– David Letterman, April 30

Dow Plunges in Record Selloff – Leaked Government Plague Projections Give Market “Kotto Fever.”
– New York Times, June 16
  One Night Only
Thu 1/31 7:15 pm
Castro Theater
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Twelve years after the Kotto plague reduces the population of the Bay Area to 186: local filmmakers Calum Grant and Joshua Atesh Litle interview as many survivors as possible, document the empty San Francisco streets, and undertake a hazardous journey into the savage hinterlands of Marin County.

Variety declares that “EVER SINCE THE WORLD ENDED continually tickles the mind while leaving a heavy lump in the chest,” while the Hollywood Reporter calls it a “superbly executed, surprisingly ambitious film.” This is speculative fiction of the highest order.

After Party

After the Opening Night Film your ticket stub gets you into the After Party at SomArts, 934 Brannan at 9th. Join us for food, drinks, short film screenings, art, and DJs Shane and Amber from Cloud Factory.
In Attendance : Calum Grant & Joshua Atesh Litle
Contact : epidemicfilms@yahoo.comhttp://www.jfilmic.com/eversince.htm • (t) 415 305 4736

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Synopsis : A storm approaches the depopulated metropolis.