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Dan Mintz    
2001, 99 min, USA    
“Surely, it’s one of the most aggressively, pointlessly repugnant of pictures.” – Variety    
Fri 2/1 11:45 pm
Roxie Cinema
Thu 2/7 9:30 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Sat 2/9 9:30 pm
Ex'pression Center
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Obviously we don’t agree with the review quoted above. If you like your hip and edgy thrillers “straight-up, no chaser”, we’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Already notorious in industry circles COOKERS is a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience. Dorena, a long-time crystal metham-phetamine ‘Cooker’, holes up with Hector, her manic and tweaked-out partner with a large amount of pharmaceutical quality base stolen from a biker gang. They head out to an abandoned (and little do they know – haunted) old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, and hook up with Hector’s childhood friend Merle. They set up the lab, test the drugs and embark on a full-tilt run towards destruction. Their paranoia and distrust come to a head, but the motivating factor remains – slowly cooking away in the upstairs bedroom. Is the evil that awaits them outside worse than what lurks within? Or is it all in their heads, just a paranoid side effect of the drugs and a week without sleep? You will want to take a long shower after you see this one.
In Attendance : Jeff Ritchie (producer, writer), Brad Hunt (star)
Contact : www.cookersmovie.com • (t) 818 981 1034 / (f) 818 981 1229
Preceded By : Somebody Goofed (1998, 8 min, USA), by Rodney Ascher
Contact : info@thedirectorsbureau.com • www.thedirectorsbureau.com • (t) 323 465 5299
Synopsis : Jack Chick (the guy behind those little fire-and-brimstone religious comic tracts you find in phone booths and laundromats) is faithfully adapted via the wonders of animation. Cool soundtrack too!