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Toyoda Toshiaki    
2001, 82 min, Japan    
“Seethingly angry, brutal and breath-taking…combining soft-light cinematography with a grinding epic rock soundtrack to powerful ends.”
– 2001 Toronto International Film Festival Program
  United States Premiere
Thu 2/7 9:30 pm
Roxie Cinema
Sun 2/10 9:00 pm
Parkway Theater
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BLUE SPRING, the autobiographical short story collection by Manga artist Matsumoto Taiyo, is the latest from acclaimed young director Toyoda Toshiaki. His third film follows the award-winning crime thriller PORNOSTAR, and last year’s documentary UNCHAIN. Ryuhei Matsuda (the androgynous samurai in Oshima’s GOHATTO) plays Kujo, a master of the clapping game. To determine the class hierarchy the boys gather on the roof of the prison-like school to clap as many times as possible before falling from the precipice. The winner leads the gang and the loser falls. Kujo tires of the role of authoritarian despot as his interest in gardening blooms. But Aoki, his best friend (and disciple) rebels and their world is altered forever. A unique twist on LORD OF THE FLIES.
In Attendance :
Contact : Kayoko Ono • Omega Micott Inc. • ono@omega.co.jp • (t) 81 3 6415 6090 • (f) 81 3 3496 8445
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