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Cheng Wai Man    
2001, 88 min, Hong Kong    
“I’ll bite every one of you and you’ll become Zombie New Human.”
– Zombie New Human
  One Night Only
Sat 2/2 11:30 pm
Roxie Cinema
  Advance tickets for this show are no long available but tickets will be available at the theater 15 minutes before show time.
Horny Zombie New Human meets his match.  
Please arrive 15 minutes before showtime
to assure seating!

Advanced tickets are not mailed.
Pick them up at will call the day of the show.

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Are you tired of lame-ass ‘Midnight Movies’ that don’t deliver the goods? We are too. So chug a six-pack, take another Bong hit, and strap yourself in for the eagerly anticipated horror-comedy follow-up to BIO-ZOMBIE.

Chinese-American mad scientists in a secret bunker in Texas are creating invincible super soldiers who are imper-vious to pain. The idea is to put them on the open market and sell these guys to both the American and the Russian armies. Now you can see this really bad idea go horribly awry on the big screen. Recoil in shock at the prison cell zombie slaughter! Thrill to the horny superhuman monsters spurting green slime! Cringe in disgust as cops and triad members transform into superhuman killing machines and start biting people! See nasty sex, buckets of blood, really silly Hong Kong humor, severed body parts, conspiracy theories, an aphrodisiac monster virus, questionable subtitles, femme fatales, mercenary hookers, chicken BBQ, torch wielding villagers, great special effects, and much more. Just keep repeating: “It’s only a movie.”
In Attendance :
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