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Walter Viveiros    
2001, 88 min, Canada    
“For me is too much blood…Why no a love story, Walter?” – Mama Viveiros    
  United States Premiere
Fri 2/1/02, 9:30 pm
New College of California
Wed 2/6/02, 5:00 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
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One day while out for a ride, a young skateboarder decides to steal a copy of the “Adults Only” comic book called Bad Trip. With a tip of the hat to CREEPSHOW, we are transported into the comic book’s narrative – a brutal and violent world inhabited by scared semi-innocent street-kids and a couple of psychotic “Big Bad Wolf” villains. Wizard, Curly and Easy are three city kids going nowhere fast, small time drug dealers looking to make some quick cash on one a big score. The boys travel into the woods to pick up the drugs and dream of spending their money. But they stumble across Ray and Peter, the insanely violent escaped convicts, retrieving a buried cache of diamonds and guns, and burying their latest victim. The cons know that to avoid spending the rest of their lives behind bars they must leave no witnesses. They spot Wizard. As you may imagine, all hell breaks loose.
In Attendance : Brian Frank (producer, star), Walter Viveiros
Contact : Brian Frank • www.badtripthemovie.comradcutz@hotmail.com • (t) 416 994 1807
Preceded By : Ultraviolet (2001, 13 min, USA), by Paul Budnitz
Contact : producer@beautifulpictures.net • (t) 202 337 8753
Synopsis : A lonely hitman known only as ‘The Watcher’ is addicted to a drug supplied by his employers. He falls in love with a young woman he follows home – only to find that passion has shattered the delicate balance of his life forever.