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Tom Edgar    
2000, 100 min, USA    
Fri 2/1 5:00 pm
Roxie Cinema
Tue 2/5 7:15 pm
Roxie Cinema
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Alcatraz Avenue takes the old adage to “write what you know” to an extreme. Imagine a writer who gets all of his ideas from real-life situations – only he creates the situations himself, filling his work with suspense and the destruction of innocent people. He examines what happens when the creative side of an industry, not only imitates life, but also determines it. In local writer/director Tom Edgar’s tense psychological thriller ALCATRAZ AVENUE, David Driscoll wants to write a bitter, satirical novel about the American family. But as an only child with one living relative he hasn’t much experience from which to draw. Posing as a college student he rents a room with the Contreras, a troubled Berkeley family, to study and record everything they do and say so he can faithfully write what he observes. He soon realizes that realistic characters alone will not make his novel compelling; he needs conflict, and the only way to ensure conflict is to create it. As David turns the family members against one another, he is forced to face the dark secrets in his own past. A chilling drama of family, betrayal and the creative process.
In Attendance : Tom Edgar
Contact : edgar@lather.comwww.alcatrazavenue.com • (t) 415 788 7500 x319
Preceded By : Orphan Street (La Calle Huerfanos) (2002, 9 min, Chile), by Nehoc Davis
Contact : shua@cmet.net • (t) 202 337 8753
Synopsis : A downtrodden government employee has a strange experience in a movie theatre. Based on the story by Graham Greene.