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97 BROOKS    
Mikon A. Haaksman    
2002, 85 min, USA    
  World Premiere
Sat 2/2 4:30 pm
New College of California
Mon 2/4 9:30 pm
Studio Z / Transmission
Sun 2/10 9:00 pm
Expression Center
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97 BROOKS is an Oklahoman revision of the venerable cop/serial killer action thriller, admittedly an often over-played genre. However, the film breaks with cliches and preconceived ideas in a fresh, entertaining and engaging way. This comic tragedy provides fully developed characters and an involving plot, rather than relying on cheap Hollywood gimmicks. 97 BROOKS is simply a good story, well told.

Police officers Dorothy Kramer and Peter Smith are charged with investigating a series of horrific serial murders rocking their quiet hometown. Young co-eds are disappearing from the college campus and winding up in garbage bags scattered around the town dump. Having ended a long relationship with her partner, Dorothy is searching for something new in her life. Tired of a banal existence in a small town, she develops a penetrating (although morbid) interest in the horrific crimes taking place. However, Peter seems to be more concerned with reviving their romance, and winning back her affection, than with solving the case. But they are already in way over their heads.
In Attendance : Mikon A. Haaksman
Contact : mail@97brooks.comwww.97brooks.com • (t) 323 876 7796
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