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The staff and volunteers of the 4th San Francisco Independent Film Festival would like to thank you for joining us.

The Bay area is the home of the niche Film Festival, and our niche is “entertaining and informative narrative, documentary, music and alternative film.” We love movies that make you laugh, cry and think (occasionally – all three). The goal of IndieFest is to gorge on film for ten days and go home with bleary eyes and a smile. Shopping is Patriotic, so our objective is valid: Provide an opportunity for filmmakers to dream in public, eat, drink, schmooze, party, dance all night, and for you to meet interesting people from faraway places, have fun, and gamble on films you know nothing about. You may not fall in love with them all, but you won’t be bored for a moment.

On a serious note, this is the first IndieFest since September 10th, the last day of the 20th Century. Every movie in this Program was produced before ’Ground Zero’ became a place in New York, but many now have unintended, often startling, relevance.

The 4th SF IndieFest is a terminal document of the 20th Century. Welcome to the 3rd Millennium.

Jeff, Stevy, Bruce and the Board of Directors