Won't Anybody Listen
Dov Kelemer
Mon 1/15 8:30pm, Th 1/18 6:35pm

2000, 71 min, Video

A frank and humbling documentary about two courageous musicians, misunderstood in their home town, who pack up and leave for Los Angeles, the music capital of the world, in search of the elusive "Recording Contract." Frank Rogala and his brother Vince of the band NC-17 watch the Hollywood of their dreams transform into the seedy dumping ground where they find themselves one of 50,000 other bands struggling to "make it." From garage rehearsals, estranged wives, greedy concert promoters, uncaring A&R reps and screaming-crowd performances, Won't Anybody Listen presents the challenges and struggles of musicians in LA clamoring for attention and struggling against impossible odds to succeed in their field.

Contact Contact: 323.845.1455 seventhart@earthlink.net

In Attendance Director Dov Kelemer

Watch the Trailer www.anybodylisten.com

preceded by:

Don Hertzfeldt
2000, 9 min, 35mm

Contact www.bitterfilms.com

What're you, crazy? How could you not sell your movie to Miramax? Put this down now and walk away. What are you even doing at a film festival? Jeesh.



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Won't Anybody...
Mon 1/15 8:30pm

Won't Anybody...
Th 1/18 6:35pm

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