The SF Indie Fest Would Like to Say
Thank You

Thank You to all our Friends, Mentors & Sponsors

Mentors & Sponsors Lorene Johnson, Nancy Mogavero, Scott Hacker and Stephan Adams of Adamation, Inc., Christy Colcord and all at Lost Weekend Video, Shawna Brakefield & Karen Lipney of the Screen Actors Guild, Kurt Sonderegger of Red Bull, Jonathan Keir, Alan Sternfeld and all at EVEO, Inc., Katrina Thacker and her team at PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Tony Cimato at SF Bay Guardian, Torbjorn Kanestrom, his wife, twins & Monica Andersen of Fast Search & Transfer, Jill Ritchie, Jon Armstrong, Valerie Gilbert and all at SpotMagic. All the wonderful staff at ArtHouse and Lawyers for the Arts, Robyn Freeman of the Law Offices of Barbara A. Goode for all her legal guidance and support, John Seidenfeld and Joseph Erlec of the Bohemia Bar, Robert Palmer of the Red Devil Lounge, Warren White of the Presidio Trust, Tina Leong and Yuleika Saume of CBS MarketWatch S. F., Stefano Bernardi, Roberto, Renaldo and the staff of Via Vai, all at Hotel Bijou, Will Fox, Steve Indig, EJ Broder and David Goodyear at Landmark Theaters, Tango Tango, Boston Spirits, Jonathan and all at Cell Space, Keith Arnold and all at the Fine Arts Cinema, Bob Freeman at Cineric Inc, Kevin Hogan at AVTS, Blue Period, Monica McLemore, Stephen Gallagher at Filmmaker Magazine, Harlow Newton at SF Station, Michael Galinsky at Insound, Tim at Pigshead Studios, Krista Mazrisi at United Artists, Steve Harrison at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Tracy Rosenberg at Media Alliance, Julie Geib at TicketMaster.

Special Thanks Rikard Ortenheim for all his patience and support, Steve and Brenda Podesta, Marc & Barbara Corsi, Karin Sundmark, Katrina Thacker, Nick Claitman, Ronald Chase of Art & Film for Teenagers, Christian & Lone Schneider of Idea Garden, Noelle Hampton & Andre Moran (a fabulous musical force in our community), DJ Jesse Martinez
(Hi Fi/Rouge), Susan Stiener, An Siban, the friendly folks at the Post All Center on Divisadero, Steve Timble and Brian Wendorf, Marlene Friis, Brian Gordon, Rob Delamater, Mick Diener, Dan Rodenberg, Ninfa Dawson, Sean Shodahl, Paul Medlyn, Amy Leissner, Corey Eubanks, Mike Dingle at SomArts, Brian Perkis, Alicia Perre-Dowd, All at SF Film Society, Richard Schenkman, Tod Booth, Allen White, Ceili, Jon Gartenburg, and especially
Lynn Coakley, Stevy Stephens and Trina Ross.

Trailer Festival trailer designed and directed by Mick Diener. Produced by Jeff Ross. Special thanks to Blue Period for the rockinı tune and to Cineric and Adamation for their sponsorship of the project. Trailer edited with personalStudio.

Adventure Story Writer/producer/director Richard Schenkman started his professional career creating promos, network IDıs, and documentary programs for MTV. He has produced and directed music videos, fashion videos, commercials and promotional films. He has made award winning shorts and three feature films, two of which were released theatrically. Schenkmanıs second feature film "Went to Coney Island on a Mission From God... Be Back by Five"was featured in the first SF IndieFest. Schenkman and his long-time collaborator Jon Cryer have recently completed two new screenplays and sold a pilot to Fox Television. He continues to direct commercials and write for both movies and television.

Staff Founder/Director Jeff Ross; Development Director Stevy Stephens; Feature Programmers Jeff Ross, Allen White, Todd Booth; Shorts Programmer Mimi Brody; Programming Committee: Abby Kavanaugh, Mick Diener, Sarah Lockhart, Dennis Conroy, Claudia Lehan, Steve Mockus, Sean Shodahl; Publicist Phillip Walker; Promotions/House Managers Dan Rodenburg, Alicia Perre-Dowd; Writers Allen White, Tod Booth; Festival Assistant Marjorie Kase; Graphic Design Lynn Coakley; Web Design Trina Ross.

Board of Directors Anders deJounge of First Security Van Kasper, Anthony Flores of Fathom Technologies, Stevy Stephens of Project T. E. A. M. Synergy, Mick Diener, Monica McLemore, Cronan Otto, and Jeff Ross.

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