Superstarlet A.D.
John Michael Murphy
Fri 1/12 8:00pm, Wed 1/17 8:30pm

2000, 80min, Video

Set in the post-apocalyptic next millennium, "Superstarlet A.D." is a wild romp packed with the sex and violence of a classic exploitation film. It's the lost city of Femphis, where all men have de-evolved into deadly Neanderthals and all women have banded into marauding rival beauty cults: the dumb platinum blonde PhayRays, ruthless brunette Satanas and ill-tempered redheaded Tempests. At stake are rapidly dwindling supplies of lipstick and ammunition. And the stakes get even higher when a fourth cult emerges: Superstarlet A.D. that combines the power of all three hair colors! They're direct descendants of 1950s burlesque stars and in homage wear film reels mounted on their backs like halos. Ravishing brunette Superstarlet Naomi's quest in life is to find and view her actual ancestral film, and this search leads to the danger of abandoned theaters, where threatening Neanderthals are known to lurk. But cavemen aren't the only problems—the other cults are vicious in defense of their turf and each other. When you're faced with a cult of redheads who'll kill a blonde for her blood (which enhances red hair color!) or kidnap a brunette and convert her via the brutal conditioning of a cruel dominatrix, a Superstarlet really has to watch her back. Resolute Naomi is pushed to the brink of everything she holds dear as she struggles to control the murderous urges she thought only belonged to men!


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It's not much money, but you realize that if you shoot DV, you can actually make the whole movie! You round up friends, and cast it with unknowns, but put in all your heart and soul. You send it off to festivals.

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Superstarlet A.D
Wed 1/17 8:30pm

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