The Strange Case of Senor Computer

Tom Sawyer
Fri 1/12 10:25pm, Fri 1/19 9:30pm

1999, 91 min, 16mm projected on Video

Do androids dream of 1-900 phone sex lines? Do robots just wanna have fun? When you're a robot named Ike, and your lonely creator, a socially inept, 34-year-old virgin named Charles (Rick Ziegler) spends all his time wallowing in near-suicidal self-pity, you find your evolution wherever you can. Ike's education instead comes from Charles' Mexican housekeeper Carlotta (Gladys Hans), who introduces him to the wonders of TV, salsa dancing, and the human world, which seems to grow stranger the more he learns about it. He also discovers a life-line to the outside world through phone sex and, like some C-3PO version of Cyrano de Bergerac, Ike not only coaches the maladroit Charles in the ways of women, he's setting him up on dates. Through the eyes of the amazing Ike, first time writer/director Tom Sawyer explores death, sex, existence and credit cards in this very funny and stylish cross between ‘Pi ‘ and ‘Sleeper.’

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In Attendance Writer/Director Tom Sawyer

preceded by:

The Manipulators
Clare E. Rojas & Andrew Jeffrey Wright
1999, 3 min, 16mm

You spend a year living with the secret mole people, coming up only to edit. You get your film into Cannes, and it is later nominated for an Academy Award. You die in a fiery wreck on the way to the Oscars. Your weeping mother accepts the statuette on your behalf.



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Strange Case
Fri 1/19 9:30pm

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